One of the major reasons clients leave a salon besides death and location move is the because the stylist never suggests anything new

Upselling a service to a first-time client often results in a short relationship.  But slowly upselling by adding twists to a client’s color will steadily increase your income.

Here are a few examples and suggestions:

The client comes to you once and paid $100.00 instead of $ 60.00, she never comes back because you upsold to her on this first visit. She will have only brought you $ 100.00 for the year.

The client comes to you every 5 weeks for a regular touch up that costs $ 60, she will bring you $ 60 X 10 = $ 600 for the year.

Now, when after a few visits you suggest that she add a few highlights at $ 50 every second time she will bring you $ 850 for the year.

She now loves the highlights in the from and asks for more, suddenly, the original $ 600 per year turn into $ 1,200 with highlights added only four times a year and with a mini highlight touch up in between another $ 150 are coming into your coffers:                $ 1,350..

 Plan this for only 10 of you clients:

Year 1- Touch ups only: $ 600 X 10 = $ 6,000

Year 1 -Touch ups, highlights, highlight touch ups: $ 1,350 X 10 = $ 13,500

Year 10- Touch ups only: $ 6,000 X 10 = $ 60,000 + 5% price increase = $ 63,000

Year 1 -Touch ups, highlights, highlight touch ups: $ 13,500 X 10 + 5% price =                   $ 141, 750

During the 10 years the price will probably increase even more than 5% overall!

This is not fiction, it is achievable. It is very conservative; I know that it can be done because many colonists/ stylists have done it.


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Tube · 2019-10-13 at 10:49 AM

Its massively rare, if not totally unknown, for artists to pop out of no-where with beautiful art. The culture of next big thing and artists breaking through is a falsehood. It takes a long time to learn how to make art and you will make lots and lots of bad art before you make anything good. So take your time, make the bad art, be honest about where you re at. If you ve just left university its unlikely you can make world-beating art. Place yourself in different contexts, go and see the world, do some living (see point 7), make lots of work and grow your practice slowly. Be patient with yourself.

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