A number of years ago, I used to think that all hair color brands were more or less the same as far as shade results were concerned.  I thought that the only difference was in the conditioning buffers that were added to the color pigments.

Well, I was wrong!

There is a color line out there that lets me do things that no other line can match:

~ Do a Tint-Back in a Single Step (with No Filler)

~ Create Over 25 Shades of Red With Only 5 Colors

~ Create High Lift Brunette Shades Without The Hair Turning Red

~ Alter the Drabbing Action for Customizing Ash Shades

~ Increase or Lower the Ammonia Content of the Color

~ Transform Any Color in the Line into a “Heavy Opaque” or “Light Translucent” Shade

 and much more.

Here is just a sample of an everyday correction on  a client’s “semi-permanent “ home color, shared by my friend and founder of CHROMASTICS hair color , Tom Dispenza. 

Her natural hair color is light brown, but after the “semi” faded, she was  left with a neutral regrowth and brassy dark blonde hair.

This is how Tom corrected Her Color:

Highlighted with a crème lightener , lowlighted and finished with an overall glaze with deposit only shades that contain no ammonia and no MEA.  .

The highlight was just 12 foils only on the top using 30g of XL-Cream and 30g of 40-volume developer.

The lowlight formula was 20g D-4G 5g of Gold Concentrate and 20g of 10-volume developer.

The overall glaze formula was 45g of D-4G + 15g of D-8GB and 60g of 10-volume developer. The glaze was applied over the high and low lights and processed for 20 minutes.

Chromastics Pure-Base Color You will always get what you expect.
Not some Weird Shade of Green or Gray!

If you are a
Salon Owner,
Independent Stylist
Lover of Haircolor,
Save Money and Save Your Sanity

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