Translation & editing service for the beauty industry.


With extensive experience that has gone from private salon to multinational corporate work, we design educational programs and train educators to become the best in interactive teaching.
We also work diligently as  translators specializing in the Beauty / Cosmetics fields. Keeping in tune with the corporate image of every company we do work for is one of our passions.

Our ongoing involvement with the beauty industry at all levels ensures that the correct terminology for technical writing is used at all times .


My clients are companies that usually work in more than one language and require a rapid and reliable service for texts, power points, video subtitles, etc…

Our team works mostly in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish . We are accustomed to catering to a clientele that requires accurate and timely work. The companies using our services appreciate the confidentiality, speed   and   reliability that we put into our work to translate everything from technical manuals to promotional pieces and videos in all five languages. This has given us a five Star rating from my clients.


To deliver every project on time, you are provided with a cost estimate. Your confirmation or Purchase Order number with a target is your go-ahead for every project.

As an added service, I offer the proof reading of your final draft, at no extra charge.

Project costs are calculated in your local currency (please inquire)

Payments: wire transfer, direct bank deposit, cheque, Visa, MC and Amex.