Earth friendly, clean personal care products have become all the rage. Take a walkthrough the hair and skin care isles in any store: it can be an overwhelming experience.

Plant-based, synthetic free, organic, natural have become ambiguous, overused marketing words. They are used time and again because, unlike the drug industry, the regulations to prove claims on cosmetic products are quite vague.

Think about it this way: natural is everything that comes from the earth. Petroleum, dirt, poison ivy, death cap mushroom…also come from the earth. Just because it is  does not mean that you want to use it on your body.

A high quality “natural” hair or skin care product such as WORLD’s is made of ingredients available in nature that are plant, mineral or animal by-products. When the product has an added cent, it comes from essential oils of plant materials such as flowers, fruits, herbs, or wood.

Natural does not mean allergy free! As a company that is really mindful about the possibility of sensitivities or allergies to natural compounds WORLD hair & skin has been very careful in choosing those additives.    

A company, with a minimal line of multi- used products for everyone’s hair and skin is WORLD hair & skin, launched in 2001, fills a niche for environmentally and body friendly cleansing and care products.

Brian Philips

WORLD hair & skin’s founder Brian Philips shines a light on how over- marketing and greenwashing and how his skin condition led to the creation of the multi-purpose, non -toxic hair and skin products. Listen the FREE educational interview below!


 WORLD hair & skin remains a leader in clean, effective , budget friendly and transparent.

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