Advertising and social media has made us believe that hair that feel silky smooth is clean hair. This is a lie!

After shampoo conditioners are not the only laminating products that make the hair smooth and shiny. They are more than often found in the shampoos. 

Most shampoos don’t remove all of the above! (Courtesy K-18)

Many contain ingredients that leave deposits behind to give you that feeling on healthy hair, which temporarily hides its real condition. The problem is that those products build up on the hair and instead of being smooth and shiny, the hair is no longer clean but dull and even brittle.

What you need is a gentle, non-sensitizing, non-drying, color-safe detoxing/ clarifying shampoo such as Tri-Organic that removes product build up, extra oils, as well as the metallic deposits.

Hair that moves

You will be amazed how great your hair feels and moves. If you are someone whose hair is colored, clarifying the hair before the service will greatly improve the quality and hold of the chosen shade.  

 Use such a shampoo once a week (every 3-4 shampoos) and simply pair it with the rinse-off or leave-on conditioner that your hair needs.

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