Welcome to Beauty Connections & Color Pros International


Beauty Connections , a division of Chikara Enterprises is headed by Bettina Roth.
Color Pros International,  is co-managed by  Bettina Roth and Liana Robinson.. 

Bettina Roth

 The holder of a Lifetime Achievement Award as Top Colorist.  Bettina, with the cooperation of a Team of Experts , develops, and teaches  Hair Color and Scalp Care  Programs to professionals  for Color Pros International with a  special emphasis on educating hair colorists about understanding how hair color really works,  cutting the cost of buying Hair Color , reducing  their inventory by 80% while increasing their creativity by 100%. 

Being a technical educator at heart, Bettina spent many years as the managing director of education for multinational  hair  products manufacturing companies. She has the good fortune to be well connected with many of the best researchers in the fields of hair color and hair care. Her passion is to share with her colleagues  what she learns.

A strong believer in constantly acquiring  and sharing new knowledge, Bettina still works at least one  day a week in her V.I.P. Studio where she practices only with products  that she believes in. They must be gentle on the hair and the scalp. Her clientele consists mainly of people with sensitivity issues and post cancer patients who enjoy great white hair coverage, conservative or high fashion colors and those who love long hair to remain  healthy, shiny and moveable condition with the help of high quality restructuring treatments.


Liana Robinson

An important part of our Coaching Team, with a passion for wellbeeing and sharing her knowledge  Liana is a Lifestylist serving the beauty industry for over 30 years.

Embracing a Holistic Lifestyle that she has practiced for over 20 years, Liana was able to overcome her osteoporosis glandular issues that plagued her life from a young age.  Through her experiences, Liana understands and assesses personal, professional goals and desires and assists through her own experiences to uncover the best choices for clients beauty and wellness and most importantly their “own uniqueness”.

Liana specializes in hair loss and is a Certified Trichologist.  Her certifications as a Holistic Practitioner and Iridologist help her get to the root causes of hair loss. These experiences enable her to support, improve and balance out her clients’ lives: mind, body and spirit. She specializes also in hair & wellness transitions which include color correction, growing out chemical processed hair, introducing color with integrity, and exercising.  It is her goal to support clients so they look and feel like they are in a direction of overall health, as many of her clients are transitioning to a “Lifestyle Change.”

Liana ‘s,  skills are unique as it relates to the latest innovative techniques in detoxification, weight-loss, nutritional and lifestyle practices, hair & scalp exfoliation, laser treatments, and high frequency treatments. These tools have proven to be vital in restoring integrity to the salon clients’ lifestyle. Liana will coach you for a healthier more balanced lifestyle while teaching you how to add new profitable niche services to your repertoire of services.


At Beauty Connections , one of our goals is to make people more beautiful, the world greener and safer one day at a time. From everything we recommend  to the socially responsible manufacturers & distributors we work with, we put everything we do through  the Beauty Connections’ screening process. We believe that even the smallest, simplest of positive actions every day can result in big changes toward a better, healthier  and more beautiful life for yourself & for the planet.


A lot has changed in the past few years. From a small hair salon in Toronto to  what Beauty Connections is now, only a few things have remained the same.

The evolution of the beauty and wellbeing industries, compels us  to provide exceptional customer service, and above all, recommend the best quality and safest products for our  customers. We believe in offering only top quality hair color and care services, safe & natural  environmentally friendly , as natural as possible  products.

Is bringing you the highest-quality hair, scalp-care, bath & beauty and eco friendly products at the best possible prices. We have honest, friendly and well-trained professionals, who will help you make educated decisions about the products that are most suitable for you. Contact us anytime ….

At Beauty Connections, we do not just sell products. We pride ourselves on the fact that we offer to our clients connections to looking beautiful and feeling great.

 Beauty Connections. is  also very involved with MILKBAGSunlimited which connects people collecting the outer bags of Canadian milk bags, those who weave them into sleeping mats and the various charities who distribute them locally to homeless people or ship them to those in need in many countries around the world.. Recycling those mil bags keeps them out of landfills and provides comfortable  mattresses  to sleep on for people in over 39 countries. In the past few years,  our volunteers have kept millions of those non biodegradable bags out of landfills and transformed them into  much more than 20,000 sleeping mats. Check out our initiative