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Take the profession of Hair colorist seriously: become a certified Worldwide Master Colorist.

A certified Worldwide Master Colorist is not just a hair color applicator nor a trendy creative artist. He/she is a hair color expert who knows how and why hair coloring products work the way they do. A  certified Worldwide Master Colorist is a professional specialist with years of learning and ongoing training to keep him/her ahead of the new products developments, the latest techniques and the newest trends.
A certified Worldwide Master Colorist is also brilliant in customer service with a clear understanding of the clients’ wishes, needs and possibilities. A strong communication ability and listening skills are a large part of the professional approach to coloring hair.
Becoming a certified Worldwide Master Colorist is well worth the effort. This generic type of expert training is the vehicle that enables a colorist to understand the synergy between the physical aspect of the hair, the client’s’ personality, health and the capillary color products available on the market.
CPI Color Pros International, affiliated with the Worldwide HairColorist Association  is committed to:
Maintain an internationally recognized standardized level of competency for hair colorists.
Establish a level of professional expertise recognizable by consumers.
Engage the support of qualified mentors.
Enable better opportunities of success for qualified hair color professionals.
Share updated professional knowledge amongst Hair Color Pro Members through meetings, classes and seminars.
Provide a regularly updated professional referral list to the accredited professionals.

Tom Dispenza

Tom Dispenza

Worldwide HairColorists Association Chromastics

Colorists travel from all over the world to learn from him. He is regarded as one of the leading Hair Colorists in the United States. He is Tom Dispenza and his wealth of knowledge and experience with hair coloring techniques has earned him recognition on four continents as a true Master Colorist. Tom is also the President of Chromastics, the Worldwide Hair Colorists Association and retired Worldwide Senior Manager at Clairol.
What is the Worldwide HairColorist Association?
Members of our group share hair coloring ideas, formulas, techniques and other vital information. This group is open to licensed hair colorists only. There is no advertising allowed unless it is educationally oriented.



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