This year we are concentrating on supporting stylists with small salons, salon suites, rented booth and home studios.

Many of you rely on videos for ongoing education because you find education costs to be too high or classes not available.

There is a need for relevant education : stylists feel that down to earth, consumer friendly education is lacking. A live, knowledgeable trainer is a coach  who will correct your movements, directly answer our questions and be an ongoing resource for you.

One must stay up to speed on salon operating costs, chemistry, product updates and artistic trends.

Being aware of fashion trends and new techniques is not enough to be able to deal with the challenges of many of your clients’ hair.

To be a successful colorist/stylist you must have an advanced understanding of the chemical aspects of hair color products and the processes involved to achieve the targeted results.

Work smart, work with top quality lines

Whether you are just starting out or have styled hair for many year, Beauty Connections Interactive Courses are your vehicle to the highest level of expertise – and will help boost your income with more clients coming to enjoy the work of a true expert.

Create your own EVOLUTION

Coming Spring 2020



$ 75.00 (working lunch and gift included)

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