We know that environmental pollution contributes to many hair and scalp issues.

Small particulate matter penetrates hair

Research has found that pollution attacks the proteins in the hair, making it more susceptible to breakage, give it a dull look, weigh it down through  tiny particles of dust, oil and heavy metals, plus gases, which can parachute even onto the scalp deep into skin while  oil droplets and solid particles adhere to strands so they feel noticeably rougher.

The European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology suggests strongly that the air pollution that negatively affects everyone’s hair could also be a contributor to hair loss.

If you think that any shampoo is able to clean away atmospheric impurities, think again. A better understanding of pollution has prompted a fresh approach: hair and scalp need to be detoxed regularly to successfully lift off, not only dust and airborne microplastics but also the various metals that float in the air and the water.



At the salon, prior to EVERY chemical service detox the hair and scalp with a Deep Clarifying Shampoo, which must contain Tetrasodium EDTA & Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate. It must be slightly acidic with a pH of 5,5 to 6.0 to prevent color fading and increased porosity.

Tri organic complex clarifying shampoo contains a very effective cleansing formula necessary for all hair types prior to a chemical service to remove unwanted substances that can negatively effect coloring and highlighting services such as hard water minerals, chlorine and other chemicals from the pool, hairsprays, mousses and waxes.

It is particularly effective prior to using red dyes.


At home, through a ONCE A WEEK detox,  your clients’ hair will be kept free from negative environmental accumulations .


Better looking hair colors, improved handling of the hair and superior outcome of the reconditioning and styling products that you use.

Created by Davis Kemp with CHROMASTICS color

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