DISCOVER “WORLD Hair and Skin”

Brian Phillips, the Founder of  “WORLD Hair and Skin” ,  celebrity Stylist,  as well as owner of Canada’s greenest Hair Salon developed “WORLD”  because of his sensitivity to hair and skin care products.

Brian had developed a severe case of dermatitis which transformed his daily life as a hair stylist into sheer agony. He  explored the facts about the use of  Parabens, Sulphates, Phthalates,  Fragrances, Colorants and other additives in hair and skin products and found out that some hair and skin products can not only skin irritants but as they are absorbed into the body, they can also be toxic.

In his quest for relief and, with the cooperation of expert cosmetic chemists, Brian discovered that one does not need any of the ingredients listed above  to create effective , healthy, streamlined and cost effective  care products for both, hair, and skin.

The first STAR of this minimalist care line is CLEAN : a MULTIPURPOSE cleanser for hair and skin that effectively and delicately  removes dirt, sebum, and pollution .  CLEAN  is gentle for Babies, Children, Men, Women and Pets.

Note: I use it to make my bubble bath. A few drops of SEXY Essential oil added to it make the experience very RELAXING. Best of all, there is no soap ring in the tub!

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