Professional hair color is not a trend, it is a specialty that requires on-going education.

One must stay up to speed on chemistry, product updates, techniques and trends.

Being aware of fashion trends and new techniques is not enough to be able to deal with the challenges of many of your clients’ hair.

To be a successful colorist/stylist you must have an advanced understanding of the chemical aspects of hair color products and the processes involved to achieve the targeted results.

Whether you are just starting out or have styled hair for many year, Beauty Connections Interactive Courses are your vehicle to the highest level of expertise – and will help boost your income with more clients coming to enjoy the work of a true expert.

The first INTIMATE / GENERIC class: THE SECRET TO AMAZING HAIR COLORS will taught by Tom Dispenza and Liana Robinson on June 23, in Toronto (Canada).

Tom will address the myths, facts and realities of the business of coloring hair.

Liana will enlighten you about the profitable  business of  hair loss control.


355 Garyray Drive/ Unit 2 (Keragreen Academy)

Toronto (North York ) – ON M9L 1P6

(Hwy, 400 & Steeles Ave)

PRICE : $ 75.00 (working lunch and gift included)

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