It is not easy to choose the color brand that is best for your type of work.

Deciding which color line to carry is a big decision. First you must consider what your clientele requires:

Do you need a line that has great white hair coverage?

Gentle, low ammonia, lightens & deposits, 100% coverage

Do you need one that covers but, does not lighten the natural hair color?

 No lightening power, full coverage  , no MEA 

Are you looking for a line that is more translucent?


Deposit only – no underlying warm undertones, ever! No ammonia… no MEA

Interested in High Lift Brunettes or Reds?

Natural looking – 1 step brown on brown

Do want to be able to convert your color from  a permanent to a demi-permanent one?

              Convertible…hair color

Are your clients afraid of PPD?

  No PPD- No MEA

Are they afraid of high ammonia content?

              Very low ammonia content

Do you like to have total control over your shades, or do you like pre-mixed shades?

Total shade control

Do you look at quality and good  price?

More money in your pocket

ISome colors are better for white hair coverage, others are known  for producing  amazing blondes, do you want red shades that will not fade or fantasy shades that are long lasting?

Concentrates that are real non- pre oxidized colors to improve coverage and allow you to create every possible fantasy shade that you may imagine- no ammonia- no MEA

What about the male market? Do your male clients’ colors turn into unwanted brassy shades as the time goes on?

         The definite winner for coloring mens hair

Every color has advantages and disadvantages. Do you want to promote companies that undermine your business by selling boxed color?

Think hard, you are an artist, you need products that allow you to be creative, you also want to have products that are gentle on your clients’ hair and scalp and lastly you are looking to improve your income.

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