In the works and ready very soon:  Collaboration with WorldTECHNIQUE

We live in a time where people think very carefully about the food they put in their mouths. It is time that we become mindful of the products we put on our hair and on our skin, as they end up in our bodies.

Brian, Bettina , the talented staff at worldSALON and internationally well-known guests artists are offering you the opportunity to make your working environment healthier and at the same time  learn new dynamic technical, creative and  motivational tool to advance the skills of your craft.

worldSALON is Canada’s greenest Salon, with solar power to heat hot water, LED lightening, Green Circle Salon recycling, La Biosthetique coloring and World Hair and Skin Care products.

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Brian Phillips, founder of worldSALON (1989) and WORLD Hair and Skin ( 2001) has received many eco awards: Environmental Defense “ Green Champion Award” , Ontario Power Authority “ Recognition Certificate “ for reducing electricity consumption by 50%, Green Circle Award for “ Environmental Stewardship”

Recognized for his savvy business acumen, Brian is also renowned for his creative contribution to the world of fashion, media and photography as well as for his philanthropy. He has also been a Contessa Hairstyling Awards finalist in the Men’s and Elite Master categories.


Bettina Roth, founder of Beauty Connections, is the internationally well the well-known colorist, educator and mentor to many successful colorists. She has a wealth a knowledge, both creative and business focused, that she is passionate to share.


All our team members have in-depth experience that will provide limitless inspiration