Welcome to Beauty Connections

Beauty Connections provides Specialized Translation Services  and Professional Education for a number of high quality Beauty Industry Brands.

After years of in the business of beautiful hair, we are embarking in a new journey: providing Distributors with superbly performing, education backed, yet affordable professional only product lines.

Color does not stop on human hair: the pet market has become a very lucrative one all over the world. Our Beauty Connections now extend into the distribution of animal fur care and safe color for pets

A strong believer in constantly acquiring new knowledge, Bettina Roth , the CEO of Beauty Connections still works one day a week in her V.I.P. Studio where she practices with new products and techniques before  she teaches them to other Educators and Beauty Professionals.

A renown hair colorist, her experience goes far beyond this specialty. If it has to do with beauty, from image consultation to scalp, skin care and make-up, Bettina is known as a mentor to many Beauty Professionals.

Bettina is  also very involved with MILKBAGSunlimited which connects people collecting the outer bags of Canadian milk bags,those who weave them into sleeping mats and the various charities who distribute them locally to homeless people and ship them to those in need in third World countries. Recycling those milk bags keeps them out of landfills and provides confortable  mattresses  to sleep on for people in over 39 countries. Just click on the image below to see what is done and how it is done.