Women are finally realizing that long straight hair is only flattering on a few individuals. They are starting to embrace the features enhancing asset that short cuts bring about.

A new wave of celebrities is bringing back the Box Bob meets Wixie as well as the Strong Mullet marries Hush Cut so, they inevitably they become your must-have haircuts to be embraced for Fall- Winter 2-23-24.

This fall, the Hush Cut,combines layers and bangs.The term ‘hush’ suggests an understated, low-key elegant cut. It’s an ideal option for those who want a refreshed look without drastically changing their hair length.”.


What is the Wixie? A true Wixie is a winged Pixie. It is made interesting through a cut that is shattered, texturized, and wispy . It’s versatile from super short to almost mid length, it can be straight or curly, it can be made to move forward or back, it usually has a fringe, t has to be a long or short. In other word it can be personalized for your comfort!


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