Beauty Industry manufacturers are starting to use alternatives to plastics

The beauty industry is making a big effort to reduce the use of traditional plastics.

In the future packaging will be green. Plastic will not totally disappear, it will be reused and come from more diverse origins

Compostable, even edible alternatives such as wood-based containers, plant based plastics (hemp, corn, sugarcane, etc), cellulose based polymers and more are starting to make an appearance in product packaging. Even fossil fuel-based plastic is now recycled.

On the radar, are recyclable paperboard tubes, just like tetra packs. We will also be seeing plastics made with sugar cane or corn and even oyster shells.

Here are 13 of the most innovative plastic replacements:

  1. Bioplastics, such as the one made from the waste of corn products
  2. Mushroom roots
  3. Bagasse, a byproduct of sugarcane processing
  4. Seaweed, makes plastic bottles that are biodegradable
  5. Paper that is lined with recyclable plastic and is water resistant
  6. Paper made of stones, totally waterproof
  7. Metallized paper (Silberboard) that is recyclable
  8. Palm leaves, make holding cases that are also biodegradable
  9. Corn starch and sorghum
  10. Barley and wheat based that is actually edible, no problem in Oceans!
  11. Wood pulp cellophane made uncoated, semi- permeable and barrier
  12. Chitosan, made of seafood shells is also being developed to hold liquids
  13. Casein, milk protein, not new in packaging, makes a plastic that has been very much underused up to now.


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