My specialty is repairing bad color and damaged hair!

Hair is differs not only in color but also in texture, shape, length, thickness and style.
From the subtlest shading to the most flashy looks, you will appreciate the use of the most up to date techniques combined with the gentlest of products.
During your first free consultation, I consider your desires, the best solution for your wishes, the color brand best suited for your hair & the additional hair or scalp treatment for your needs.
Together, we will study: your Scalp sensitivity: to determine which technique can be used; your natural and existing color: to ensure the feasibility of your choice; your hair’s porosity: to possibly repair some damage or dryness from all sorts of aggression; your hair’s density: fine, medium and coarse to understand how it will respond to coloring; your skin tone: to select the best suited shade; your face shape: to select the ideal color placement; and finally your personality type: to ensure that you will comfortable with your look.
Colour Meets Natural
THE HAIR COLOR BRANDS we use were designed by international colour experts and scientists. The  common thread which makes the colors we use is the Amazing Condition that the hair in in. This is due to fact that they are formulated with Hydrolyzed Wheat and Rice Protein.
At my Studio clients mention this after just having one or two color services! And, you will will experience minimum fading. Remember, one of the keys to great looking hair color, which stays vibrant from service-to-service is good conditioned hair.
There is no animal testing and they are dermatologically tested for skin tolerance.
Colour Meets Creativity 
Make the most of an individual and professional consultation.
With their creativity, their sense of colour and a first – class colour system, they perfectly stage the beauty of your hair.

Color Meets Individuality 

Would you like a hair colour that matches your personality and character?
Whether soft, natural or intensive; our colors are precisely customised to you.
For a very individual result.

Colour Meets Shine

Pamper your hair with a conditioning and gentle hair colour.that  supplies moisture, softness and give your hair extraordinary shine and colour brilliance. For hair that feels healthy with the ultimate colour stability.

Colour Meets Care

Do you love your colour and want it to last as long as possible? For lasting colour brilliance and vibrancy your hair colour needs special care. Protect and care for your coloured hair with thesolutions to your breakage, thinning, dry hair, split ends, distressed hair itchy and other scalp problems? Whatever your needs, the purest care products are available for you. First your problem is assessed, then we plan a resolution: Starting with a deep scalp cleansing to remove the buildup of impurities, we proceed with other products and manipulations as required.

Hair Care

You will experience hair color and care that is sophisticated through brands made with plant derived botanical  with products that truly perform. The commitment for you to purity includes a large range of products that are PPD Free,  Free of Synthetic Color Additives, Parabens, Phtalates. The finest plant extracts and lightweight oils are a large part of my professional only products selection be it for coloring, treating or texturizing  the hair..