Bettina Roth: Beauty Connections

Develops, and teaches hair colorists about understanding how hair color really works, cutting the cost of buying Hair Color, reducing the color inventory by 80% while increasing the creativity by 100%.  Through ty Connections she shares her extensive color knowledge to empower her colleagues to make the best brand and business choices through easy to understand , personalized, hands-on generic color education.

Tom Dispenza: Worldwide Haircolorists Association & Chromastics

Colorists travel from all over the world to learn from him. He is regarded as one of the leading Hair Colorists in the United States. He is Tom Dispenza and his wealth of knowledge and experience with hair coloring techniques has earned him recognition on four continents as a true Master Colorist. Tom is also the President of Chromastics, the  Worldwide Hair Colorists Association and retired Worldwide Senior Manager at Clairol.

David Velasco:  Haircolor Academy

Salon Owner, David Velasco Salon in Doylestown, Pa. for over 25 Years, Author of “Trade Secrets of A Haircolor Expert”, our industries first and only home study course in the Art of Haircolor. Creator of “The Haircolor Clubhouse” the world’s first social networking website dedicated solely to the Art of Haircolor.

Isabel Navarro:  Master Colorist

Isabel Navarro is a lead educator and color specialist for Chromastics West Coast. She was born in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico and there she developed a dream to be a hair colorist. She made her dreams come true by attending Instituto Sol(Sun Institute) to start her journey into becoming a master hair colorist.

Liana Robinson: Hair Loss Expert & Lifestylist

Liana is a Lifestylist serving the beauty industry for over 30 years. Liana specializes in hair loss and is a Certified Trichologist.  Her certifications as a Holistic Practitioner and Iridologist help her get to the root causes of hair loss. These experiences enable her to support, improve and balance out her clients’ lives: mind, body and spirit. She specializes also in hair & wellness transitions which include color correction, growing out chemical processed hair, introducing color with integrity, and exercising.  It is her goal to support clients so they look and feel like they are in a direction of overall health, as many of her clients are transitioning to a “Lifestyle Change.”

Chris Lee : Motivation & Business Coach

These days Chris is focused on sharing her expertise through various mentoring channels – she is available for private training in many facets of the hair/fashion industry and business consulting in general. She has a special flair for motivational speaking.

Chris is a strong believer in an individual’s power to affect their destiny. When she co-founded her first salon, DestinationHair, hard work and a commitment to excel garnered her an international reputation and propelled DestinationHair from dream to reality.