Color services are not a trend in today’s salons. It is a specialty that is here to stay which requires ongoing education.

Being aware of fashion trends and new techniques is not enough to be able to deal with the challenges of your clients needs and desires. One must stay up to speed about the chemistry. product updates, techniques and fashion trends.

To be a successful colorist/stylist you must have an advanced understanding of the chemical aspects of hair color products, the intricacies of the hair and the processes involved to achieve your targeted results.
Whether you are just starting out or have styled hair fo many years, the associated Professionals will share their expertise through Interactive courses as well as connect you to other top quality generic educational Education Programs. We are your vehicle to the highest level of color expertise – and will help boost your income with more clients coming to enjoy the work of a true expert. Click on the link for your first FREE class compliments of David Velasco!

The color and hair care brands we use and promote are designed with Organic Chemistry : Organic hair color chemistry is based on a combination of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. We see how such hair colors perform, your clients will experience reduced fadage with all shades, enhanced gray coverage and love the enhance integrity of th hair. We search the world for cult-favorite and organic hair care products for every type of hair. Curly, straight, thick, thin, long, short… you’re about to have your best hair day, ever.

We work very closely with top color Guru Tom Dispenza, the Hairolor University’s David Velasco, World Hair & Skin ‘s Brian Philips, Lifestylist Liana Robinson and many more…

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