Balayage…Highlights… or a combination of both?

Balayage , French for “ to Sweep , has been the “new” buzzword for highlighted hair  for the past few years, Far from a new technique ,  used in Europe in the 50’s it started as a way to  make  colors look as natural as possible by adding  a sun kissed effect  to dull hair. It can result in soft, shaded effects or allow the creation of stark,  special effects with fantasy color results that go from almost white to every shade of the color spectrum.

The main advantage of Balayage is that it requires little to no maintenance: there are no demarcation lines. When only a natural appearing sun kissed effect is the target, it is an ideal, and cost-effective solution. It can become both expensive and time consuming when rapidly fading fantasy shades are used.

Highlights, on the other hand add not only lightness but also volume, dimension, and luminosity to the hair.  Traditionally, Highlights run from roots to ends When Highlights, whether heavy or baby-fine are created from roots to ends they requires regular 6 to 10 weeks touching up. This can also become costly.

Highlights achieved by using the balayage technique in fine strands look the most  sophisticated as the fine deposition of the color or lightening shades is more controllable as with a traditional Balayage technique.


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