The change of season is a time when people look for a new haircut, it is also the ideal time to update their hair color. The 2020 Spring/ Summer trend for easily wearable colors are sun kissed shades of reds, blondes, chocolate and chestnut browns.

Those soft airy, natural looks are achieved through many different techniques, some of which are blends of different methods on single heads of hair. Freehand may be combined with weaves, backcombs may be blended with balayages.

For those who are not looking to wear the tart, high maintenance neon, acid or pastel shades, the message is clear, the look is:  blown- in by the wind, rays of sunshine glistening through the hair.

Credit @xoxo_balayge

Chestnut is a safe bet: suitable for almost everyone with natural brown hair, the added soft sparkles are either one or a mixture of a few shades. Apricot, caramel, honey or copper will enhance the color to give it a kissed from the sun appearance.

Courtesy Lexie Ciortino

Reds? They certainly assert their presence: opt for a coppery blend if the skin is fair. Darker skins will look better with cooler red glitter reflections. Consider various chocolate shades from hazelnut to cherry.

Courtesy RTE

Blondes are not to be forgotten!  The natural looking beachy effects in various shades of blonde are the way to go. Think of bringing luminosity to the hair. It’s all about technique and products that will not wash out or go brassy after just a few shampoos.

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