Single Process Blond Expert


The reality of one step blonding!

Choosing the right candidate is only the first step. You will know how to create blonde shades that are not brassy, greenish, grayish, orange or canary yellow.

Workshop with models to arrive by 12:00 noon.
Attendees minimum 6 – maximum 12
Class time 9:30 am – 4:00pm

* receive a $50.00 discount when you purchase 2 classes


Content: best and worst candidates for single process blondes, variety of blondes bases, shades and challenges: natural, ash, golden, reddish, consultation, diagnostic, formulations, shade corrections, hair fiber protection, color maintenance, corrections.

For whom: qualified stylists/ colorists some experience required.

What to bring: apron, gloves- clips, combs, styling tools

Additional: Light lunch included