How Texture Affects Hair Color


David Velasco will be co-hosting with Tom Dispenza a New Live Online Educational Event titled:
 “How Texture Affects Hair Color”
Texture is much more important than most colorists realize when formulating a hair color.
Texture influences all of the following:
~ The depth of the formula
~ The dye concentration of the formula
~ The lightening of the formula
~ The tone of the formula
~ The developer to be used
Fine, Medium and Coarse Textured hair all require different formulas in order to achieve the same result.
Have you ever realized demi-permanent and deposit-only colors can give you 100% gray coverage with just one small additive?
Have you ever realized brassiness is a function of texture?
Please join us on Monday, July 22nd at 1:00 PM New York Time (10:00 AM Pacific Coast Time) for an in-depth discussion of the complexities of texture and how texture effects hair color formulas.