Hair Color Demystified


Your first step to the Worldwide Master Colorist Diploma
Why and how it works – putting together the pieces of the puzzle
Whether you are just starting out or have styled hair for many years, Beauty Connections Interactive Courses are your vehicle to the highest level of expertise – and will help boost your income with more clients coming to enjoy the work of a true expert.
Professional hair color is not a trend, it is a specialty that requires ongoing education.
Being aware of fashion trends and new techniques is not enough to be able to deal with the challenges of many of your clients’ hair.
You must stay up to speed on chemistry, product updates, techniques and trends.
This course is designed to create a solid understanding of the world of color to allow you to make better artistic and financial choices!
Location: your salon or pre selected academy space
Attendees: minimum 6 – maximum 25
Class time: 9:30 am – 4:00pm
* receive a $50.00 discount when you purchase 2 classes
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Why and how hair color really works


Anatomy: hair and skin as it relates to color

Physics:     light spectrum as it relates to color visibility

Chemistry: color products

Morphology: suitability of specific shades

Pre + Post treatments: diagnostics and consultation skill

(Interactive exercises- no mannequin heads, no live models)

For whom: apprentices, stylists, colorists, owner/managers