What is on the horizon for Spring/  Summer  2020?

 Confident, sassy elegance

Women, girls and hairstylists will finally recognize that the flat, long straight or wavy look, often, has been emphasizing the negatives features of any face. Softer, waiver and often shorter hair are in vogue.

Braids are, ponytails are staying but Messy Buns are the new fad.

There will be lots of texture 

It will be all about volume: the root perm will triumph once again.

The LOB stays! It will be updated, very edgy, razored, messy with a jagged texture.

Textures created with waves will be shattered, often with rainbow bright shades plying them up.

It’s a matter of balance

With a clothing fashion direction that features a lot of airy, flared silhouettes, flowing psychedelic prints, vertical stripes, polka dots  , fabrics gathered at the waist  inspired  from the 1960s and 1970s as well lots of mixed clash, the long hair that has been worn by many will look totally out of place.

Hair color has become part of makeup

Hair color is definitely not just to cover white hair. Airy appearing colors blends such as Twilight, Freshair, Babylights are the trendiest for the upcoming  Spring/ Summer 2020 looks. With safer products and well-educated professionals color can and will be changed as often as new whims come about.

Colorists are like makeup artists. They have the products, the tools and the know-how to satisfy the changing desires of the clients. Even if Classic Blue and Bleached Coral are the Pantone colors of 2020, every color of the spectrum will be seen on the streets.

(Note : many thanks to the artists who created the looks) 


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