All About Color is for those hairdressers who truly want to learn How Haircolor Really Works.

Dear colleague,

Tom and David Set a New Standard for  GENERIC haircolor education.

Tom, David and I have been friends for many, many years and dedicated our careers to Haircolor Education.
Those of you who know us, know that we are very serious educators and we have a No-Nonsense approach to teaching Haircolor.

We have one goal in mind when we teach, to make our colleagues the very best (and most knowledgeable) hair colorist you can be.


Over the years we have seen hairdressing “education” deteriorate to an “all-time-low”…motorcycles on stage, dancing routines, muscle boys without shirts, girls shaking their goods, blaring music, etc. etc. etc. …. frankly, we have become appalled at what passes for education these days.

That is why Tom and David decided to create “All About Color” (AAC) is a totally new and unique experience in Haircolor education, and it’s not for everyone.


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