Color Pros International

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Put more money in your pocket, enjoy more professional recognition, have a happier, more enjoyable Lifestyle.

Get the support of the current “online” education with no nonsense, interactive, hands-on courses with real expert coaches.

Hair Color: understand the Puzzle – hair, scalp, products, ingredients, formulation, application

White Hair Authority: enhance, blend, reduce, covering

Red Hair Genius: decide, formulate, apply , retain

 Brown Hair Champion: warm, cool, tint back, correct

Single Process Blond Expert: natural, ash, gold, red, corrections

Double Process Blond Master: evaluation, techniques, corrections

 Balayage Three-D Method: tools, products, patterns, placements

Trichology related to hair loss: scalp, hair, health

Hair Loss: solutions- Holistic approach

Financial Salon Management: eliminate pitfalls 

Winning Salon Management: control clients, staff, expenses

Salon Marketing: connect to success


With over a half century in hairdressing, concentrating mostly on chemical services, Bettina is recognized as a leading expert in coloring hair.

Bettina began her career with a 4-year apprenticeship in Switzerland, she then went on to work in several European countries. She arrived in Canada in the early sixties where she started to specialize in coloring and restructuring hair.

Over the years Bettina owned a salon, successfully developed a 14 stations color department at the prestigious Cappelli Salon in Toronto’s the Bayview Village and spend much time to develop her skills as a Stylist, Colorist, Hair Restructurer, Communicator, Educator and Mentor.

Starting as an Educator, Bettina has been the Educational Director for high quality Beauty Industry Leaders for over 25 years.

The recipient of a Lifetime Colorist Award, Bettina was the co-founder of the Color Connections, an active member and a guest Educator of The International Color Exchange, Hair Color USA, The American Board of Certified Colorists and the Allied Beauty Association.

A strong believer in clean, biodegradable, sulfate free, phthalate free, nickel free, PPD and MEA free environmentally friendly product lines, she also works in the Beauty Connections’ Color Studio. Bettina’s fashionable work and her philosophy attracts and retains post- cancer patients and scalp sensitive clients of all ages.

Bettina’s latest project is teaching the generic comprehension of hair color in association with other highly respected authorities in the areas of chemistry, physics, application techniques, business and personal management while still mentoring upcoming talent.



An important part of our Coaching Team, with a passion for well-being and sharing her knowledge  Liana is a Lifestylist serving the beauty industry for over 30 years.

Embracing a Holistic Lifestyle that she has practiced for over 20 years, Liana was able to overcome her osteoporosis glandular issues that plagued her life from a young age.  Through her experiences, Liana understands and assesses personal, professional goals and desires and assists through her own experiences to uncover the best choices for clients beauty and wellness and most importantly their “own uniqueness”.

Liana specializes in hair loss and is a Certified Trichologist. Her certifications as a Holistic Practitioner and Iridologist help her get to the root causes of hair loss. These experiences enable her to support, improve and balance out her clients’ lives: mind, body and spirit. She specializes also in hair & wellness transitions which include color correction, growing out chemical processed hair, introducing color with integrity, and exercising.  It is her goal to support clients so they look and feel like they are in a direction of overall health, as many of her clients are transitioning to a “Lifestyle Change.”

Liana ‘s  skills are unique as it relates to the latest innovative techniques in detoxification, weight-loss, nutritional and lifestyle practices, hair & scalp exfoliation, laser treatments, and high frequency treatments.These tools have proven to be vital in restoring integrity to the salon clients’ lifestyle. Liana will coach you for a healthier more balanced lifestyle while teaching you how to add new profitable niche services to your repertoire of services.