Clean hair and skin …

Clean hair and skin: WORLD clean

It will take  2 weeks to eliminate all the residual chemicals and toxins present on your hair and body through the use of mainstream commercial products.

Once purity is restored, you will never go back!

In 1993, Brian Philips, a hairstylist with severe contact dermatitis triggered by the products available to his profession started his mission to find a gentle, non-irritating, efficient cleanser for himself and the many people with sensitive skin.

By 1999, Brian decided to develop the WORLD line of products, one that was healthy for everyone, clients, salon staff and family.  One year later, after many prototypes WORLD was born.

Wash your hair, cleanse you face as well as your body and balance your biosystem with a single product: WORLD clean the odorless purifier.

Use WORLD clean safely on babies, children, women, men of all ages and even on pets.

Take a bath with no left-over bathtub ring and wash your delicate clothes with WORLD clean.

Coconut based foaming agent – moisturizing, detoxifying aloe – cooling cucumber,  anti- bacterial ivy  and scale eliminating burdock roots- calming camomile  are just some of the natural key ingredients of WORLD clean.

WORLD clean : perfection for an environment that frowns or is sensitive to fragrances

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