Business Connections: the Agency

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Your potential for growth is unlimited thanks to our approach to state- of – the art, gentler, high performance  and very affordable products.                                                                                   Your success is our success

We offer the best of two worlds:technical working experience meets  science.
We are able to offer a collections of quality products to satisfy today’s need for  more natural ingredients and less aggressive chemical components.       Backed by a dedicated and invaluable professional team, we work with you to develop and establish new strategies to improve your profits.We develop lasting relationships with each of our partners backed by on going education to ensure the success of our shared visions

Bettina Roth, who heads the Agency Department, has been active in the Beauty Industry for quite a few decades: originally a hairstylist and make-up artist, Bettina went on the become a much respected hair colorist, education programs developer , educator and corporate team leader.

As a result, Bettina  offers the distribution of very high quality product lines for your niche market along with a commitment for technical and business support for both:  salons professionals and distributor sales teams.